Welsh Beer, Cheese and Music Festival

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Grab your tent and head for the Clytha Arms Hotel just outside the old Welsh market town of Abergavenny for their annual Welsh Beer, Cheese and Music Festival. Held annually for four days over the August Bank Holiday weekend, the Welsh Beer, Cheese and Music Festival is a great opportunity to sample some fabulous Welsh hospitality not to mention a pint or two of the good stuff. When: August Bank Holiday Weekend annually (kicking off on the Friday night) Where: Clytha Arms Hotel – alongside the old Abergavenny to Raglan road (B4598), 3...

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Potato Feast Days

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The 7,000-person town of Houlton’s biggest and oldest (1959) event of the year is the Potato Feast, which occurs the last week in August. While it’s packed with various events from fun runs to arts & crafts to livestock exhibits, the most unique are their potato events. First there’s the Potato Picking Contest, where people are judged by how fast they can pick potatoes from their earthen rows and fill a bucket. “It’s the old-fashioned way,” says Becky MacIlroy, the Secretary at the Chamber of Commerce...

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Corn Palace Festival

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Mitchell’s claim to fame? It is the home of the world’s only Corn Palace. The original palace was more like a shack. Erected in 1892, it was called the Corn Belt Exposition. An organic structure, it was the place where successful farmers would come with their fruits, grains and vegetables, which were then attached to the exterior of the building, thus proving the fertility of South Dakota soil. But the local government soon decided that it wasn’t safe for people to congregate in such a flimsy building and began planning a...

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Chehalis Garlic Fest

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Every year, you will find the aroma of garlic wafting through Washington at the annual Chehalis Garlic Fest and Craft Festival. Garlic cuisine, original art and crafts, music and wine tasting are just some of the highlights of these amazing days of sensory delight. Incredibly creative food vendors feature fabulous Garlic Cuisine – guests explore delicious dishes from garlic chicken crepes, garlic roast beef served on garlic bread, hand-crafted garlic sausage, garlic quinoa and tofu stir-fry, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, garlic-butter...

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Maine Lobster Festival

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Welcome to the annual Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine. Rockland’s alluring and cultural heritage prides itself with its fresh seafood. The Lobster Festival cooks up and serves 20,000 pounds of lobster a year. It’s a week-long festival that offers top-notch entertainment, fine arts, talented crafters and vendors, competitions, contests, tours for adult and kids and free shuttle service. Don’t miss the Big Parade that is led by The Maine Sea Goddess who represents the industry and Rockland Maine. The Maine Lobster festival is...

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Slug Festival

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Here’s some slug trivia for you. Slugs have been around since the dinosaurs. The wet Olympic coast is home to 23 species of slugs. They have two tentacles, one for seeing and the other for feeling. Because their tentacles movie independently, they can see in two directions at once. Slugs have 27,000 teeth and eat their weight everyday. It would take more than 9 hours for a slug to finish a 100-yard dash. That’s why the organizers of the annual Slug Festival held every July no longer hold slug races. “It just wasn’t...

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Moon Amtrak

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This has to rank among the wackiest event to ever have originated in a bar. Moon Amtrak draws hundreds people to a chain link fence between the Mugs Away Saloon and the railroad tracks on the second Saturday in July. Otherwise respectable people then do something they normally wouldn’t dream of doing – they drop their drawers and “moon” the two-dozen passenger trains that pass by that day. When it gets dark they moon by flashlight and by lanterns hung on the fence, hundreds of bare buns glowing in the flickering light....

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Hairy Chest, Legs and Beard Contest

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These annual July events are part of Fairbanks’ Golden Days. The weekend celebrates Fairbanks’ rich gold-mining history and the late Felix Pedro, who was the first person to strike gold in Fairbanks. Since most miners were of the scraggly, unkempt persuasion, there’s a Hairy Chest, Hairy Legs, Best Beard and Best Mustache contest. There’s also a rubber duck race on the Chena River. $20,000 worth of prize money is given away throughout the weekend. Warning! You better watch your P’s & Q’s, because anyone...

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Mattoon is the home of marvelous Murray Lender, whose local Lender’s Bagels factory employs most of the town. So you can see why in Mattoon there is no God but the Murray man and his bread of heaven. Since 1986, Murray has hosted BagelFest every July. It’s a weekend-long event dedicated to the almighty. Some 40,000 people show up for Murray’s largest free bagel breakfast in the world and woof down 70,000 bagels. For the 10th Anniversary of BagelFest, Murray set out to make the world’s biggest bagel, which made Guinness...

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The Granada Theatre

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The Granada Theatre

The Granada Theatre, located at 207 E. Holland Avenue in Alpine, Texas, is the Big Bend area’s premier event center. This classic Alpine movie house was extensively renovated to create a state of the art Performance and Events Center serving the Alpine community and the Trans Pecos Region. The Granada’s current incarnation encompasses not only music and theatrical performance but also provides a facility for community and private events. The Theatre complex offers several different configurations which can serve functions for twenty to...

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