San Fermin – Running of the Bulls

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At noon on the seventh day of the seventh month (that’s July 7th for those calendarily challenged) for a duration of seven days, the Spanish city of Pamplona plays host to the festival of San Fermin (known locally as Sanfermines and famously depicted in Hemingway’s, The Sun Also Rises). The event draws party-goers from near and far and although Sanfermines entails so much more to the locals, it’s the Encierro – the daily running of the bulls – that the majority of the tourists are on hand to see. For a little...

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Egg-Frying Contest

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Oatman (elev. 2,800 feet) is certainly not the hottest spot in America, but the sidewalks surrounding this 159-person town get pretty hot every July 4th — 106 degrees of heat to be precise. And to celebrate their heat, Oatman hosts an annual solar egg-frying contest. In front of a crowd of about 1,500, about twenty contestants every year use anything from aluminum foil to magnifying glasses to homegrown solar devices to get an egg fried in fifteen minutes or less. Fred Eck from the Oatman Chamber says, “There was one guy one year...

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Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Don’t miss Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest held every July 4th at the original Nathan’s in Coney Island. Eleven regional champs and four international champs compete to see who can munch the most in twelve minutes. Come see if last year’s 130-pound Japanese victor Hirofumi Nakajima, who downed 24 1/2 dogs, can keep the crown. When: July 4 each year Where: Brooklyn, New York, USA More Info: For more info call 212/627-5766

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World Championship Rotary Tiller Races

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Imagine tilling your garden, wishing your damn machine moved a little faster so you could relax under the shade of looming Elm and work on a six-pack of Bud. That’s the likely evolution of the World Championship Rotary Tiller Races, held every June since 1990 in the 317-person town of Emerson, AR. With tuned tillers and old ski goggles from the garage, racers fly down Emerson’s 200-foot championship racetrack in search of little garden-variety glory. Well, calling the course a racetrack is probably stretching it a little. Maybe...

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Watermelon Thump

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Luling is a 5,000-person town plum full of melon heads — watermelon wackos in love with Royal Sweets, Jubilees and Yellow Dollys, to name a few. And as a tip of the hat to their agricultural godsend and to the farmers themselves, Lulingians have been hosting the annual Watermelon Thump every June since 1954. Now almost 35,000 people show up every year for all sorts of watermelon-related activities, including eating and carving competitions. There is also a contest for the largest watermelon grown that year, the record being 81 pounds...

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National Hollerin’ Contest

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Hollerin’ is much more than just yelling; it’s a lost art that’s been celebrated for 32 years at the National Hollerin’ Contest in Spivey’s Corner. Long before modern communications, folks in rural areas communicated by hollering over long distances to express distress, call in the livestock, or just plain ‘chat’. Some hollerers rhymed in a sing-song way. Every morning each family would holler to let others nearby know all was well. If someone failed to check in, neighbors would come to investigate....

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Jackalope Days

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For the last 150 years, the legend of the mysterious jackalope has been kept alive in the American west. It is said that a man from Douglas named Roy Ball, commonly referred to as “an occaisionally sober trapper,” first reported a sighting in 1829. The original jackalopes had the body of a large jackrabbit and the horns of an antelope. They were known to reach 150 pounds. Because one has never actually been captured in the wild, not much is known about these strange and often menacing creatures. What is known is that back in the...

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BC Shellfish Festival

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For two days in June sample the authentic taste of the West Coast at the BC Shellfish Festival. Starting on Friday evening with a chefs’ dinner on the lawn at the historic Filberg Heritage Lodge along the shores of Baynes Sound, the festival kicks into high gear on Saturday with musical performances, chef demos, competitions and lots of locally grown seafood from the heart of Canada’s oyster growing capital – the Comox Valley. See our website for complete event schedule and postings. When: June annually Where: Vancouver...

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Rioja’s Wine Battle

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In this juiced-up battle, the grapes have already been squished and fermented, so participants need only wineskins, plastic jugs, trashcans, water guns, or crop sprayers to spill, spritz, and splash the other 9,000 revelers at the Batalla del Vino or “Wine Battle,” in Haro, part of Spain’s Rioja region. Held at the end of June every year, the alcoholic affray symbolizes a past dispute over the ownership of the Bilibios Mounts with a neighboring village. After the town holds a giant mass, there is a procession to the hills,...

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Absolut Chalk Street Painting Festival

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We can’t think of any better combination than vodka and chalk to really get the creative juices flowing. Every June since 1992, Absolut Vodka and the Light-Bringer Project (a local non-profit arts organization) have co-sponsored the Absolut Chalk Street Painting Festival, which is the largest festival of its kind in the world. It’s a multi-cultural extravaganza of self-expression. 400 of the world’s best street artists descend upon Pasadena to paint — or shall we say chalk — two city blocks pink. Awards are...

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