Moon Amtrak

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This has to rank among the wackiest event to ever have originated in a bar. Moon Amtrak draws hundreds people to a chain link fence between the Mugs Away Saloon and the railroad tracks on the second Saturday in July. Otherwise respectable people then do something they normally wouldn’t dream of doing – they drop their drawers and “moon” the two-dozen passenger trains that pass by that day. When it gets dark they moon by flashlight and by lanterns hung on the fence, hundreds of bare buns...

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Hairy Chest, Legs and Beard Contest

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These annual July events are part of Fairbanks’ Golden Days. The weekend celebrates Fairbanks’ rich gold-mining history and the late Felix Pedro, who was the first person to strike gold in Fairbanks. Since most miners were of the scraggly, unkempt persuasion, there’s a Hairy Chest, Hairy Legs, Best Beard and Best Mustache contest. There’s also a rubber duck race on the Chena River. $20,000 worth of prize money is given away throughout the weekend. Warning! You better watch your P’s...

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Mattoon is the home of marvelous Murray Lender, whose local Lender’s Bagels factory employs most of the town. So you can see why in Mattoon there is no God but the Murray man and his bread of heaven. Since 1986, Murray has hosted BagelFest every July. It’s a weekend-long event dedicated to the almighty. Some 40,000 people show up for Murray’s largest free bagel breakfast in the world and woof down 70,000 bagels. For the 10th Anniversary of BagelFest, Murray set out to make the world’s...

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San Fermin – Running of the Bulls

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At noon on the seventh day of the seventh month (that’s July 7th for those calendarily challenged) for a duration of seven days, the Spanish city of Pamplona plays host to the festival of San Fermin (known locally as Sanfermines and famously depicted in Hemingway’s, The Sun Also Rises). The event draws party-goers from near and far and although Sanfermines entails so much more to the locals, it’s the Encierro – the daily running of the bulls – that the majority of the tourists are on...

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Egg-Frying Contest

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Oatman (elev. 2,800 feet) is certainly not the hottest spot in America, but the sidewalks surrounding this 159-person town get pretty hot every July 4th — 106 degrees of heat to be precise. And to celebrate their heat, Oatman hosts an annual solar egg-frying contest. In front of a crowd of about 1,500, about twenty contestants every year use anything from aluminum foil to magnifying glasses to homegrown solar devices to get an egg fried in fifteen minutes or less. Fred Eck from the Oatman Chamber says,...

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Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Don’t miss Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest held every July 4th at the original Nathan’s in Coney Island. Eleven regional champs and four international champs compete to see who can munch the most in twelve minutes. Come see if last year’s 130-pound Japanese victor Hirofumi Nakajima, who downed 24 1/2 dogs, can keep the crown. When: July 4 each year Where: Brooklyn, New York, USA More Info: For more info call...

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