There’s no doubt about it, inhabitants of Wisconsin go koo-koo for cow’s flesh. And they are damn proud of it. Every September since 1964, residents of the small town of Minocqua have been celebrating the Almighty with a bovine bonanza fit for a…Texas Longhorn.

Yes, over 60 dripping roasts equaling over 1,200 pounds of mouth-watering moo-moo are paraded through the streets while silent onlookers — one hand over their hearts and one eye to heaven — stand patiently and drool. Chowtime is just around the bend. With factory line precision, volunteers carve, slice, fold and wrap that mountain of slow-cooked flesh into 1,000s of sandwiches for the carnivorous crowd.

When: September every year

Where: Minocqua, WI, U.S.A.

More Info Please: For more info call 800/446-6784.

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