Make way for one of the greatest and much-awaited celebrations in the world – the celebration to end all celebrations – Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This festival is a four-day celebration where people virtually do nothing but dress up, sing and dance to great samba music, and party!

The Carnival is celebrated in practically every street and corner of Rio de Janeiro. The city, during this celebration, gets alive and never sleeps for the whole extent of the festivity. People highly anticipate this event as they prepare for the Carnival for months in organizing the parades, practicing their performances and creating costumes and decorations.

The parades are also a hot spot for both locals and tourists. And the highlight of the carnival is the Sambadrome, or Samba Parade. Only the best samba schools are to parade in the festival. Each school has an extravagantly decorated float, usually escorted by sumptuous females dancing to the mesmerizing music.

Although it is often broadcasted live to a number of countries, the fun and entertainment too see on TV is nothing compared to the real experience.

For peaceful relaxation during those hazy daylight hours, Rio de Janeiro’s is offering its famous beaches, such as Copacabana and Ipanema, likewise its forests and stunning bays.

Since its beginning, this festival has been famous for its street parties. So if your body can handle being surrounded by passionate Brazilians and very energetic people from across continents, experiencing this event is a must. Surely, you will be having a blast at the Rio Carnival festival!

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