A festival in Alburtis, Pennsylvania is truly a chocolate lover’s fantasy – the Loco for Cocoa Festival. This celebration is held at the beginning of February each year at the Alburtis Area Community Center on West Second Street. The profits from this delightful festivity go to benefit the Alburtis Borough Revitalization Program. Sounds sweet, right?

Actually, the sweet smell of chocolate will float through the air which entices visitors to walk through the door and taste sample chocolates of different sizes and shapes. The chocolate tasting is free, making it more heavenly and conducive to gluttony.

Dessert culinary experts are going to have the chance to strut their stuff for recognition as well as the adoration of the people. Competitions, which are organized year after year at the Loco for Cocoa Festival, will comprise of a chocolate recipe challenge with distinct sweet division for a great number of dessert variations. Festival contest divisions normally include cakes, chocolate cookies and chocolate candy. Sellers are welcome to set-up a booth at the celebration yearly, to market their delicious chocolates, coupled with other chocolate related goods.

The Loco for Cocoa Festival can also be a great family occasion, and provides a lot of opportunity for the little ones to savor a day of deliciously sweet fun. Both newbie and expert chocolate bakers will relish the massive selection of cooking utensils, recipe books, and candy molds showcased and available on the market at the festivity.

Chocolate fudge garners a distinctive department at the Loco for Cocoa Festival. Mouth-watering lines of guests will definitely experience the sweet taste of a multitude of styles and forms of fudge melting inside the mouth.

This innovative and escalating festival is certainly bound to produce an amazing splash for anyone who wants to pamper their sweet tooth!

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