This year the London Drinker Beer and Cider Festival will feature almost 100 different types of British beers, ciders and imported beers, guaranteeing something to please every palate. Fruit beers and sour beers, sit alongside smoke beers and wheat beers and you will even find a black lager. The British real ales arrive from all corners of the UK and include styles such as milds, golden ales, traditional bitters and strong ales.

On the continent beer drinking is not seen as solely a male preserve and this year’s Festival is being run by a female, Christine Cryne. Christine says “Around a quarter of our visitors are women and we are finding the number is increasing as women are beginning to appreciate the huge variety of different flavours that you can get in beer. It’s as equally complex as wine. The Festival is a great celebration of British and European beer and we are even hoping to get some European cider to complement our British varieties”.

The festival food is home cooked by CAMRA volunteers and includes two dishes of the day (one vegetarian), traditional Cornish pasties and British sausages (made with ale of course), salt beef rolls and, less British, onion bhajis and samosas.

When: March every year
Where: London, England

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