This has to rank among the wackiest event to ever have originated in a bar. Moon Amtrak draws hundreds people to a chain link fence between the Mugs Away Saloon and the railroad tracks on the second Saturday in July. Otherwise respectable people then do something they normally wouldn’t dream of doing – they drop their drawers and “moon” the two-dozen passenger trains that pass by that day. When it gets dark they moon by flashlight and by lanterns hung on the fence, hundreds of bare buns glowing in the flickering light. The mooning, which has been going on since a bar challenge started it all 25 years ago, draws crowds to both sides of the fence. The trains are booked solid months in advance for moon day. No one actually sponsors or organizes this event; it just has a life of its own.

When: Moon Amtrak takes place annually the second Saturday in July

Where: Across from Mugs Amway Saloon in Laguna Niguel, CA

More Info: For information take a look online at

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