Hidden from the kinfolk, deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains, backwoods brewers have been pumping out high-octane white lightning for over a century. But every October since 1968, in Dawsonville, GA, stilltenders, barbacks, and liquorheads of every ilk come down from the hills to celebrate (in public) the blinding brew best known as moonshine.

Besides your token Elvis impersonator, cloggers, clowns, and gospel singers, on site is a real still for the kids to climb on. Look Ma, no hands! But the draw has got to be the oldtimers, who have a sourmash making history. And what about the drivers who used to outrun the cops with their trunks full of Georgia/s finest funky juice? They are on hand too.

When: October each and every year

Where: Dawsonville, GA, U.S.A.

More Info: For more info call 706/265-6278.

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