Hollerin’ is much more than just yelling; it’s a lost art that’s been celebrated for 32 years at the National Hollerin’ Contest in Spivey’s Corner. Long before modern communications, folks in rural areas communicated by hollering over long distances to express distress, call in the livestock, or just plain ‘chat’. Some hollerers rhymed in a sing-song way. Every morning each family would holler to let others nearby know all was well. If someone failed to check in, neighbors would come to investigate. During the event each contestant has four minutes to demonstrate his or her hollerin’ skills. Finding a place to practice is problematic as anyone nearby is easily startled by the ruckus. Last year’s winner appeared on David Letterman’s talk show. You have to wonder if old time politicians campaigned by hollering, ‘ Vote for Joe!’

When: The National Hollerin’ Contest is held annually in June

Where: Spivey’s Corner, NC

More Info: For more info call [910 567 2600] or check ’em out on the web at www.hollerincontest.com.

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