Welcome to Oktoberfest – the world’s largest and most celebrated beer festival. Never been? Close your eyes and picture part Disneyland, part Bud Brewery. Oktoberfest is to the beer aficionado what Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is to the sweet-toothed.

Rides, beer, roast chicken, beer, pretzels, beer, lederhosen, did I mention beer? Six million litres of the stuff!

Set on grounds of over 100 acres in the magnificently picturesque Bavarian city of Munich, Oktoberfest has consistently attracted in the region of six million visitors year in, year out since 1980.

So if you enjoy your sustenance in a shade of amber delivered by a voluptuous Bavarian beauty to an oompha backbeat then Oktoberfest may just be the beer fest for you.

When: Annually in October

Where: Munich, Germany

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