At noon on the seventh day of the seventh month (that’s July 7th for those calendarily challenged) for a duration of seven days, the Spanish city of Pamplona plays host to the festival of San Fermin (known locally as Sanfermines and famously depicted in Hemingway’s, The Sun Also Rises).

The event draws party-goers from near and far and although Sanfermines entails so much more to the locals, it’s the Encierro – the daily running of the bulls – that the majority of the tourists are on hand to see. For a little over half a mile bull runners – clad in all white with red handkerchiefs tied around their necks – battle the cobbles of Santo Domingo en route to El Plaza del Toros whilst in pursuit are six, infuriated, agitated and totally disorientated toros. Injuries are numerous, and since 1924 they’ve proven fatal for 13 protagonists.

When: Annually on July 7th
Where: Pamplona, Spain

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